easyGen, your personal web programmer in a box

It is with regret that we have decided to stop supporting and developing easyGen.

easyGen was a very successful and ground breaking product released in 2004 and became the top selling web design software in the UK. It was the first software solution that allowed non programmers to create dynamic, database driven web sites and sold for £79.99

Thank you for supporting easyGen www.symbiant.co.uk


easyGen 2 Winner of PC PLUS editors choice gold award 2004 Personal Computer World Recommended to easyGen 2.2 Computer Shopper top award for easyGen 2 easyGen .NET award and review PCW recommend easyGen 2.2 Service Providers Weekly Editors Choice Award for Best Solution for easygen 2 Winner of BroadBand World Gold Award for easyGen 2
easyGen, Dynamic Web Site Builder, automates the creation of database driven websites, outputs PHP and ASP - to MySQL SQLserver Access Lotus Notes any ODBC or OLE
No Programming or Database Skills Needed easyGen does it all for you
Easy to use and Very Powerful
Runs on standard Windows XP or Vista/7- No special equipment needed
Exports in ASP or PHP so it will work on all server types
WYSIWYG Page Designer so you can get your exact page look
For Novice or Professional easyGen "knows how to" so you don't have to
Builds e-commerce Solutions and full online data management systems
Import your current website and add dynamic functions or build from new
Wizard and Menu Driven making it extremely easy to use
Manages your Database so you can use a new or existing one
No Database Skills Needed easyGen builds it for you
Connects to all Popular Databases and comes with a blank Access DB
MySQL, SQL server, Access, Lotus Notes, Oracle, dBase, OLE or ODBC
Free, no charge, gratis.
Multi Award Winning -
NO RESTRICTIONS - build as many web sites or stores as you wish

With easyGen you can create ASP without coding , it's the ultimate ASP code generator to build database driven websites using wysiwyg editor to export ASP software

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