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Take a browse in our demo store and buy maybe a new Aston Martin DB9 and a New Range Rover or even some music.

This ready made project come with the shopping cart wizard so you can either use it as a platform for your own store or modify the pages and actually have it as your own store. There are 2 main sections to this site, Store and Admin, in total you get 9 pages already created (which you can either add to or create new):-

1. The store start page, which is this page.

2. The catalogue that displays the items in a category, for instance we have 3 categories, Cars, POP CDs and Software

3. Details page, that gives more details on an item selected from the catalogue page

4. Basket/Checkout where you can see what you purchased, change quantities and make your payment.

5. ADMIN - category add page, where the admin user adds categories to the store.

6. ADMIN - Product Details - where the admin user adds the products to the database.

7. ADMIN - Get Orders - on this page you can look up order details.

8. Callback page - The page the shopper sees after they have made a purchase. if you do a test purchase you will see the callback page.

9. Error page. A page that appears if the shopper makes an error.



Click On One Of The Above Categories

When you add new categories to your shop. The categories automatically show up here.

So once your store is finished, when you add new products or groups your web pages will show that instantly.

NOTE: Because this store is an easyGen project you can very easily add new functions to the pages, ie, a search. Or add new reports or calculations, for instance an online invoice, sales reports between dates or by customers or products. With easyGen expanding your requirements is a simple task, as your needs grow or your need for information changes you can add new functionality and reporting within seconds.

So if you need to see what your best selling product is or who your best customer is or what your sales were between 2 dates, the report wizard will create the required report in seconds. Remember information is the key to a successful business, and with easyGen information comes quickly. To read more about the cart wizard Click Here