1. The .net Data OLE DB Provider (System.Data.Ole.DB) requires MS Access components (MDAC) version 2.6 or later
    This error or similar would come up when you try and connect to a database and means you computer has an old version of Microsoft MDAC.

    easyGen requires Microsoft MDAC 2.6 or later to update your version of MDAC free CLICK HERE and download and install the latest version.
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  2. Data connection error: Cannot start your application. The workgroup information file is missing or opened exclusively by another user.
    This error normally occurs when you are trying to connect to an open Access database. Access does not allow more than one concurrent user unless specifically told to. Ensure all copies of Access are closed before doing any database work in easyGen or running your web applications
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  3. I get the following error when I run my ASP script:
    Microsoft JET Database Engine (0x80004005) Operation must use an updateable query.

    The most likely cause of this is that the Internet Guest account (IUSER_MACHINE) does not have write permission on the directory containing the .mdb file.

    1. Open the file explorer
    2. Tools menu
    3. Options menu
    4. Click the [View] tab
    5. Uncheck "Use simple file sharing"
    6. Click OK
    7. Find the folder in which your MDB file is kept
    8. Right-click the folder
    9. Select "Sharing and security"
    10. Click the [Security] tab
    11. Click the Add button
    12. Click the Advanced button
    13. Click the Find Now button
    14. Select the IUSER_{COMPUTER NAME} user and click OK
    15. In the checkboxes at the bottom of the form, give this user Full Control
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  4. How do I set up an Access database
    See Set Up your Data connection
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