Connecting to a database
  1. How Do I Connect To My Database
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  2. The database connection wizard asks me for "server" what does this mean

    Your database will be hosted on a server, this server will have a name or a IP address which identifies it over the Internet. It is it's address so your applications know where to find your database.

    For instance our test server is called and has a IP address of so you could enter either of these to connect to our server.

    Ask you hosting company for either the name of the server or the IP address of the server your database is hosted on.

    If your database is hosted on your own pc you would enter localhost for MySQL and (local) for SQL Server
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  3. Connecting to a MySQL database on My PC
    Firstly, to connect to a local MySQL database you must be running one of the following operating systems with IIS installed
    • Windows 2000
    • Windows Server
    • Windows NT
    • Windows XP PRO (will not work with Windows XP Home Edition)
    Usually your server will be called "localhost" and have a IP address of however on some set-ups this may not work so you will need to address the computer by it's name or it's allocated IP address. (see the system link in windows control panel - full computer name). To find out the allocated IP address open a dos prompt and type ping computername, so if your computer is called oemcomputer type ping oemcomputer this will return a IP address something like Whatever is returned is your computers IP address.
    Where easyGen asks you for the server where your MySQL is first try localhost if that fails try your computer name and lastly the IP returned from a ping. If non of the above work the chances are you have not got your system configured correctly.

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