Windows 7 and Vista
  1. How to install easyGen under Windows 7 and Vista

    If you have downloaded easyGen from our website extract the contents to a new folder on your PC. If you have a CD we suggest you download the latest version from our website and extract the contents to a new folder on your PC.

    1. Open the folder containing the easygen setup files.
    2. With your mouse Right Click the file Setup.exe and select Properties
    3. Click on the Compatibility Tab
    4.Check the box "Run this program as an administrator"
    5. Click on Apply then OK.
    6. Run the file Setup.exe

    Once easygen is installed you need to run the program itself with Administrator rights. Navigate to the easygen installation folder "C:Program Files/Symbiant/easyGen 2.4" right click the file easyGen2.exe select Properties and under the compatibility Tab do as above - See above image.

    Start easyGen and click the register icon, complete and send the registration form.

    When the confirmation screen appears, DO NOT CLICK ANYTHING ON THIS PAGE until a dialogue appears asking if you want to check for updates to your copy of easyGen, click OK to check for updates.

    Another way to install easyGen and register it is to temporarily disable UAC (please search for “disable UAC” in your favourite search engine if you are unsure how to do this).

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  2. Always run easyGen as administrator
    you must always run easyGen as an Administrator, this means right clicking the file easyGen2.exe which you will find installed by default at "C:\Program Files\Symbiant\easyGen 2.4" right click on the file selecting Properties and under the compatibility Tab > check the box "Always Run as Administrator". see How to install easyGen under Windows 7 and Vista
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  3. How to Run as Administrator
    See "How to install easyGen under Windows 7 and Vista" above
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  4. It says it needs .NET 1.1 Framework
    Even though Windows 7 and Vista have .NET 3.5 or better, easyGen needs the .NET 1.1 to be installed. You may already have this installed on your computer, if you get the error asking for .NET 1.1 framework then download it and install from the Microsoft web site. NOTE: this may require you to uninstall 3.5 and re-install after 1.1 has been installed.
    CLICK HERE to download .NET 1.1

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  5. easyGen updater keeps failing.
    the Updater need to be run with Administrator privileges. Go to Start find the easygen updater shortcut and set it to run as Administrator, right click choose properties and select the correct privileges.
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  6. When I close easyGen I appear to lose the registration
    When registering easyGen make sure easyGen is running with full administration privileges and you must wait for the update dialogue "easygen will ask you if you want to update easygen" which appears after the confirmation page. See Always run as an administrator above
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