Setting Up an Access Database

easyGen ships with a couple of databases ready for you to use, a blank one (blank.mdb) and a test one (test1.mdb) the test database has some data in 2 tables so you can evaluate easyGen or practice with, you can then use the blank database when you are ready to start building your project. You can also rename the database to something more suitable for your project before you start by using windows explorer. To do this locate the file, click on it, then right click your mouse and choose rename, make sure the file still ends .mdb (whatever.mdb) . You will find the databases in the folder "access db" where you installed easyGen so it will be something like "C:\Program Files\Symbiant\easyGen\access db"

Getting Started

Open the Evaluation project by clicking on it from the start page. Then from the top menu bar click on Project and then Data Source Manager.

Then click on Add when the Data Source Manager Wizard opens.

Choose "Generic Data Source Connector" then click on Next>>

When the wizard opens click on Build Connection String

Now choose Microsoft Jet 4.0 OLE DB Provider, then click Next>>

Now select your database

Now test your connection and you should get this. If you don't you have either entered an incorrect path or chosen an invalid database.

Click OK to close the test connection, then OK on the Wizard

You can now build your project or use the evaluation project to try easyGen. When you export your project the database will be copied to a folder called /ds which will be just under your web pages folder and must be kept as that whenever you transfer your files. For instance if you are going to use a web server for your project, export the project on your computer then FTP (copy) the files and folder /ds to your web site, the ds folder must contain your database and must also have read/write permissions as should the database, if you do not know how to do this ask your hosting company.

Using Your Own PC to run the ASP pages

If you are wanting to run or test the pages on your own PC or a network you will need to be running IIS which is only available for NT, Windows 2000 and XP professional. If you are running one of these versions then you will also need to make the folder containing the database read/write to do this, using windows explorer select the folder containing the database, right click your mouse and select Properties.


Click on the Web Sharing Tab and then click the radio button for Share this folder

Give your folder the permissions ticked below explorer will also pass these on to your database for you.