Add Dynamic functions to Members Pages

Once you have created your registration, login and members page you can now start to design it and add dynamic function. A popular dynamic function in members sites is a personal greeting, such as Hello Robert or whatever the users first name might be. You can use this guide to add any databased details relevant to the logged in user.

To start plan out you web page and create it as normal and where you will want dynamic text enter it in caps or some other way you can identify it later. When you have finished creating the text for the page you are now ready to make that text dynamic, to be replaced by the relevant information from the database. For our example we will only add the users first name so they will be personally greeted with a Hello "Sarah" when they log in.


Step 1. Click on the + in the Action Builder and select Load Records. Step 2. When the load record wizard pops up choose the information held in the users database that you will want to use on this web page. Click Next
Step 3. So the information matches the logged in user, select from the drop downs how to match the information, then with the down arrow add it to the where box. As we told the session to hold the logged in users "username" we just tell the wizard to match that with the username in the database. Click Finish Step 4a. We now need to move this action below the login check so it only happens if the user is logged in. Click on the load from data source so it's highlighted then move it all the way to the bottom with the down arrow.
Step 4b. The action builder should now look like this Step 5. Using the mouse pointer and a left click, highlight the text on the web page you want to make dynamic, in this case it is "USER Name" which we are going to have replaced by the users first name. With the text blocked out click on the mouse right button and select Set Dynamic Value from the menu that appears.
Step 6. From the dropdown select the load from data source and the relevant information, in this case firstName. Then click OK

The highlighted text will now be replaced with it's dynamic value, when you export this page the users first name will replace the {Get data source record 'easyGen_userDetails.firstName'}

This quick "how to" should help you get a good understanding of how easy and quick easyGen is to use. Building any dynamic web site and pages is just as easy with easyGen. Once you see for yourself just how powerful and easy to use this program is you will realise "The Possibilities Are Endless"

NOTE: Don't forget to tell the export wizard to update your data source so it will build the tables and fields in the database for you.

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