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Welcome to the easyGen training centre for version 2.2. We have put together a collection of tutorial videos which will get you up and running using easygen and creating dynamic web pages in just a few hours.

To fully benefit from this training we would suggest you make some time to watch, learn and maybe try to reproduce some of the tutorials yourself. The simple fact is, the less you know, the more you need to learn and these videos are the quickest way to get you started.

We have ordered the training so you start at the top and work down.

Don't forget to download the new easyGen user manual


Your first steps, registering easygen and learning about the Start Page.

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Registering and Start Page

Getting to know easygen. Before you start take a look at the easyGen overview. Familiarise yourself with the easyGen layout and what the Tools, Actions and page wizards are for and do!

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Setting up and creating a new project. This video shows you how to use the new project wizard.

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New Project
How to open an existing or imported project. This video shows you how to open a previously created project Open Project

Exporting your web pages / Project . How to use the easyGen created web pages and export or FTP your easyGen programmed web pages.

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Export easyGen Pages

Set Up your Data connection. Shows you setting up an Access, MySQL or SQL Server data connection and how to use multiple data sources.

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Set up your Database

Overview of the Page editor. Using the built in WYSIWYG page designer to get that exact look for your web pages.

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Page Editor

Your first dynamic web page. Create a dynamic page that will do an online calculation and show the current date

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Your second project. A bit more adventurous, we will create a page that will send a personalised email and save to the database the users information, This demo is in 2 parts.

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email Part 1

email Part 2

Your Third Project - Showing Data from your database. Here we create a one page web site similar to our e-commerce site. This video covers the basics of dynamically created menu's and pulling the required information from the database.

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Dynamic web site

Edit or Add your stored data. This video will show you how quick and easy it is to make a page that will add, change or delete records in your database.

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Data Form

Passing data to another page. See how easy it is to pass data between pages and to display Dynamic text on pages

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Pass Data

Google Type Search. In this comprehensive training video we will show you how to create a search engine. This video covers quite a few essential dynamic actions

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Upload a File via a web page . This video covers the basics of how to create a web page that will allow users to upload files to your web site and then how to display that file. Currently this is only available for PHP web sites.

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Upload a File

To See the search example and other examples from the above training, working on a live site, visit our Symbiant web site, which has been created using easyGen 2.
Build a web shop. In these set of 4 videos we will show you how to build your own feature rich, personalised web store with easyGen with the shopping suite plugin installed. The shopping suite module adds extra functionality to easyGen including a checkout wizard that will not only make your store do TAX and shipping calculations as well as multi currency but will connect to most payment service providers such as WoldPay and PayPal. NOTE: This project can also be downloaded from the easyGen project exchange

Shop part 1 . In Part 1 we will give you a overview of the shopping suite module and creating your products Table in your database and the checkout page.

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Online Shop Part 1

Shop Part 2. In part 2a we will show you how to create a simple products page, that will display your products and allow shoppers to buy.

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Online Shop Part 2

Shop Part 2b. In this video we will show you how to build a complex shop instead of a simple products page as above. This video covers filtering products using a dynamic drop down list and having a "more information" page so shoppers can select an item from the initial list and read more.

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Download only. (due to the size of this video you will need to download it and view it on your PC.

Shop Part 3 . In this final shop video we will show you how to add a callback page so when a shopper buys an item, the order is data based and a personalised email can be sent to both you and the shopper detailing the order. It also covers adding, amending and removing products from your database.

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Online Shop Part 3

Extended Actions Overview . The extended actions module, add extra functions to some of easyGen standard actions. The extended actions are, The Repeater (adds horizontal and extra layout options) The Get Date (allows you to add or subtract a given time from a given date) Go To Page (allows for a dynamic go to page) Set Session (allows you to clear a session).

To Purchase this module go to easyGen Plug ins

Extended Actions

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Un-register easyGen

Watch this if you need to un-register easyGen to move your license to another computer or if you are upgrading to a newer version.

NOTE: If you are currently using easyGen 2 or 2.1 and you want to use the latest 2.2 version, you MUST first un-register your license unless you wish to purchase a new license. The current 2.2 version will install next to lower versions so you can un-register the old version after downloading and installing 2.2.

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