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About The Cart Wizard and Shopping Suite Module (To Purchase go to Plug Ins)

The easyGen Shopping Suite adds a few new functions to easyGen and the ability to auto-generate a shopping cart page, the Checkout/Basket page. Without the cart wizard you still can create a shopping solution in easyGen, however, you would not be able to add multiple items to your cart, you would only be able to sell 1 product at a time. Which is fine if you only have 1 product or know your customers will only buy 1 item. You would also need to add all the cart calculations and actions manually, like shipping, multi currency if required and tax.

The cart wizard not only automates the connection to the main payment service providers, it also allows you to manually configure the settings so it will connect to any online payment service that accepts transaction information via web forms, even allow people to place orders with you without the need for closing the sale with an online transaction, for instance if they wanted to pay by cheque, postal order or credit card over the phone.

You can also configure Multiple currency and currency conversion, TAX rates for certain countries and shipping costs buy weight and or destination. So you could have a base postage cost, then extra for certain counties and then extra added based on the items weight. 

The cart wizard makes light weight of creating your store, just zip through it and your fully programmed cart is created for you to add your logo and any additional information or change the colours or layout as you wish.  

Select a payment provider or add your own settings including taking orders not via a online merchant account Tell the wizard how you want your shop to work
Automates connections to Worldpay, SECpay, SecureTrading, Nochex, PayPAl, Netbanx, Protx and any other provider Fully configure your store with the simple wizard
Add postage costs, have a base cost then charge by weight and or delivery country Set TAX rates for different countries 
multiple currency options and fully configurable postage and packing options Configure tax for diffrent countries in this fully cusomizable shopping cart software

The Shopping suite allows you to create an unlimited amount of stores that will sell and database an unlimited amount of products. There are no restrictions, unlike many store building packages that cost much more.

Also because this is an easyGen project you can add new reports and dynamic pages when ever you like, you can configure your store so it works and gives you exactly what you require. No other store building software gives you anywhere near the control, flexibility and scaleable as the easyGen store wizard.

Cart Summary

easyGen Shopping Suite, a complete shopping solution for easyGen including:

This powerful collection of wizards, actions and examples will have you creating the web store of your dreams in no time. It comes with a fully working shop example which you can customise in minutes to your needs. Click Here to see the included pre-built store

Please note, this suite requires that you have a database enabled site and a registered copy of easyGen, i.e. it uses a database to store the details of your products. If you require a website with a database Click Here to read about our hosting solution.