Create The User Registration Page

Before creating the registration page, create the members entrance page, you do this first because the registration and login wizard will ask you for a page to send users to when they register, if you have already created the page you can then select it from the drop down when this question is presented. You do not need to format the page until later. If you already have a web page designed that you wish to use as the members entrance then just import it via File > Import

To create a new page click on the page image under file or click on File then New > Page

If you are not importing a ready made page choose a blank page and name it members or whatever name you want the entrance page to be called.

When the page is created, repeat this step except now choose the Wizards tab and select UserRegistrationWizard and name it Register.


Step 1. Uncheck the tick boxes you don't need user information on. Then click next Step 2. Choose how you want the login to work, Cookie or Session. Because some browser will reject cookies sessions are more user friendly. Then click next.
Step 3. Choose what information should identify the user. This needs to be unique so ID or UserName is a good choice. Click Next Step 4. Now select the entrance page, users will be sent to this page after they register. This is the page we set up at the start of this tutorial. Click Next

Click Finish and the page will appear in the design editor so you can give it the required look and feel and add items such as text or images and change fonts and colours.

Now Create the Login Page - Click Here to continue.