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easyGen 2 Winner of Best Solution Award

Dynamic Websites Are Only A Minute Away With easyGen 2

Creating dynamic pages for your website has never been easier. easyGen v2 enables you to create a fully fledged dynamic website on the fly. No programming skills are necessary to use this robust software. Advanced programmers will find it as a useful tool to save time and effort without compromising functionality.

As a small user or an enterprise level programmer, you will find easyGen doing more of the chores you always dreaded. easyGen offers you an extended choice of design, deployment and time-saving for your customers and business.

easyGen is s a tailored out-of-the box product to help you create dynamic websites, especially database driven websites. You do not need extensive programming skills. If you can use a mouse, you can launch a full-scale database driven website equal in quality to that of a 10-year-experienced asp programmer. In minutes, easyGen can mount a fully functional database website which would have otherwise taken months to build. A big plus for easyGen is the lack of errors in the code it generates. As every programmer will tell you, debugging a program is a nightmare taking you tens of hours, if not days. If you don’t want to miss your crucial project deadlines, go for easyGen.

easyGen offers you two principal advantages: It builds the web pages and then creates the database as well. It again does all the programming and database management. You can spare yourself a lot of commands and long lines of code with easyGen. The interface is windows-style and it has well laid out wizards to guide you through the creation of every application. This way, you can easily generate complex and versatile database utilities like connecting to a database, querying a database, saving and retrieving information from a database, and performing arithmetic on data.

Most importantly for large membership websites, you do not have to readjust your tables each time your make additions or deletions. easyGen does all the automation using simple parameters you suggest to it. What this means is: you can also add new actions to easyGen at anytime; intensifying its power and seamlessly providing new functionality that you can customize for your web applications. For programmers who work on data intensive tools like shopping carts, online payment systems, membership sites and data warehousing , managing your web applications is only a few mouse clicks away.

Whatever stage you have got to in your current application, easyGen can take over from there. easyGen does not deal with fresh data only. If you have an existing application, web design or database, you can export it to easyGen and take advantage of its advanced capabilities to enhance your existing application. Be it web pages or tables, you can conveniently use the WYSIWYG feature in easyGen to incorporate the much sought after flexibility and features of easyGen into your application. The result is a blending of your creativity and the complements of easyGen into a powerful database driven web application.

easyGen can also create an add-on for your existing database and help you present it to your viewers in a professional manner. If you have tables and would like to display them in a more professional format or functionality, easyGen can manage that. You do not need any knowledge of database connectivity scripts and codes to manage your pages - easyGen internally generates all the code for you. All you have to do is to input what you want in lay terms.

easyGen is fully loaded. Featuring a comprehensive toolbox, there is no way you will need third-party software to do commonplace dynamic web applications. You can create reports, add existing pages to existing applications, create a new database or modify an existing one. You can even import your raw or wysiwyg html pages and convert them to dynamic ones. You don’t have to forgo your existing editor to make full use of easyGen. easyGen is fully compatible with your external editors for greater flexibility. You can achieve a high vertical integration with the leading database languages such as MySQL, SQL and Access. There is also a Built-in FTP and Database manager for hastle-free uploads.

It is generally agreed that static websites are a thing of the past. Unless you are running a one page college fan website, you will appreciate that to make content more meaningful to your web users, you need a dynamic website. You need a website that automatically generates pages without repetitive updates from the programmer. If you are going to reap the benefits of today’s Internet, you will have to go dynamic and there has never been any easier way to do that than easyGen.

The applications of easyGen are pretty unlimited but the following areas are obvious areas where you will need easyGen to help you achieve the professional leverage you most wanted in web programming:

* Online Accounts System

* Web catalogs

* Membership websites

* Online shopping system

* Subscription websites

* Live content websites

Once you perceive the need to manage ever-changing content, you must go for easyGen.

easyGen is easy to install. You do not need extensive hardware and software upgrades to use this high-utility software. For such a robust program, you will marvel that you only need 64 megabytes (MB) of RAM and 32MB of hard disk space to unleash the power of the latest tool in the world of dynamic websites.

easyGen was created for you. As a novice or advanced programmer, you will find this tool an indispensable part of your web programming collection. You’ll save time, you’ll save effort and most importantly, errors. If program failure is something you dislike, then easyGen is the solution. This tool has endless applications - from online database to ecommerce inventory to organizational data warehouse. The software was created with your creativity in mind. Aside the manufacturer’s specified uses, you can generate thousands of other functions as your ingenuity can carry you. easyGen is the proverbial potter’s clay – the possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination.

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