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We have now launched easyGen 2.3 If your current version of easyGen is 2.23 or below you will need to upgrade to easyGen 2.3, follow the instructions below: -

Please read this page carefully, it contains important upgrade instructions.

  • You must un-register your copy of easyGen 2.1 or 2.2.x before attempting to register easyGen 2.3! Click here for more details.
  • You must download new 2.3 compatible modules for easyGen, the old 2.1, 2.2.x versions will not work! Click here to get download links to your purchased modules.

If you have not yet registered your copy of easyGen 2.1 or 2.2.x, you can ignore these instructions and simply download and register easyGen 2.3.



If you are unsure what version of easyGen you are running and so if you need to upgrade, you can check your version in the About easyGen... dialogue under the Help menu.

If your version is 2.23 or less then you should follow the rest of these instructions to upgrade your copy of easyGen. If however, you are already running easyGen 2.3 or later, you do not need to read any further, your copy of easyGen is the latest.

In order to register easyGen 2.3 YOU MUST UN-REGISTER your copy of 2.1- 2.2.x This is because 2.3 includes new security measures to make it easier for users to re-install easyGen after a system failure or rebuild.

Make a note of your 12 character serial number, or ensure you still have the CD cover or original license email to hand.

Then whilst connected to the Internet click on the Un-register link. If you are unsure about un-registering there is a video you can watch here.

No Un-register Link?

If you do not have an un-register link and you are registered (i.e. your details appear in the "This product is licensed to:" box), you will need to update your version of easyGen 2.1, this is done by selecting Check for updates from the Help menu.

NOTE: If you purchased your copy on CD from a store and the check for updates won't work or you are having other update related problems, please install this service pack. (version 2.1 only)

When the update is complete, you can return to the About box above and un-register your copy of easyGen 2.1.

Now remove your current version of easyGen from your PC, From windows Start menu, open the Control panel and select Add/Remove programs and remove easyGen and any other easyGen items listed.

Now you can download and install easyGen 2.3.
You will be emailed the download link

When you have installed easyGen 2.3 use your license (serial number) to register it.

Once installed use the "Check for Updates" feature as shown in the above picture to keep your copy of easygen up to date.

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