Who are Symbiant and what is easyGen

About Us
"Over 90% of the UK population will have been a customer of a company who uses software written by Symbiant, even a major software company uses a data management solution they have written."
Total Business Magazine April 2003

Based in Leeds City centre UK, we originally provided businesses with affordable e-commerce solutions and online trading facilities. With our acquired knowledge of programmable dynamic websites we quickly established ourselves in the software market writing bespoke web based data management systems for major corporate companies.

Our customers are world-wide and we are one of the Worlds foremost providers of affordable e-business solutions, ranging from online credit card facilities to full hosted solutions, managed servers and bespoke software.

As the statement above from Total Business Magazine says, the chances are you will have been a customer of a company who uses software we have written. Our clients include KPMG, Toyota, IHG, Allied British Ports, Allied Domecq, British Foods, Avis and MFI.

When it comes to script based web sites there are very few companies in the world who could rival us for knowledge and competence, we have been able to provide solutions where other major players have failed.

easyGen is a perfect example of how we have been able to provide a unique software solution that no other company has had the skills to produce. We have used all our knowledge to create an unrivaled web script generator that's as easy to use as the most user friendly of HTML editors but instead of producing static web pages it creates dynamic web solutions. easyGen is so flexible and powerful it will almost certainly make part of our business redundant as they will be very little need for companies to pay thousands of pounds for data bound web sites.

With this in mind we are now developing our software solution business and intend to release more off the shelf, easy to use, business software packages.

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