ASP and PHP wizard and database creator

What is easyGen
In simple terms easyGen is software wizardry. Your personal programmer in a box. With easyGen building dynamic and database driven web sites is nothing more than using mouse clicks or in the words of PC Plus "Childs Play"

Originally designed by us to allow our new inexperienced staff to build ASP and PHP web sites for our clients we have now made this ground breaking program available to the public.

easyGen can be used by the novice or the professional, there is no need for any knowledge of programming

languages or databases, easyGen does it all for you. For the professional, easyGen will do in minutes what would take you hours or days and it doesn't make those annoying syntax errors which can slow you down or stump you.

easyGen Builds the web pages and the Database. It does all the programming and database management. (see for yourself how easy you could create a members site with password protected pages, in just a couple of minutes. Click Here this is a typical example of how easy, easyGen is to use) For more examples Click Here

With easyGen you can build data bound web sites without writing a single line of code. easyGen is wizard driven and allows you to build complex web sites with ease. These include connecting to a database, querying a database, saving and retrieving information from a database, maths calculations and much more.

. easyGen doesn't just give you the ability to read and write to databases, it gives you the power to create them without having to know anything about how they actually work. You can also add new actions to easyGen at anytime, increasing its power and providing new functionality that you can use in your web applications. Things like shopping carts, online payment systems, members only sites and anything you can think of that requires data to be added or retrieved from a database or to be passed to another page is only a few mouse clicks away.

Import your existing site and make it dynamic Aside from the powerful scripting capabilities easyGen also provides basic WYSISYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing so you can design your pages to look and feel how you choose. It supports the latest HTML specifications so you can import HTML pages created in any web design tool and then add functionality within easyGen. It can also take any form fields on these pages and build a database schema based on them allowing you to turn your designs into complete data bound web applications.

You can also use easyGen to add a web front end to an existing database system. easyGen can connect to your current database system and help you create a professional user interface for it. easyGen will take care of all the code to connect to, query and display the information in your database on the web.

Take a look at how easy it is to create web applications with easyGen on our examples page or if you have a question visit our FAQ


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