easyGen speed, it's fast and efficient, ideal from the beginner to the professional

From the Novice to the PRO
easyGen was originally designed to allow people with no programming skills whatsoever to be able to build dynamic, data bound web sites. because easyGen is wizard driven all you need to do is fill in the blanks and the rest is done for you. Adding web forms, email forms, data entry, data output (reports) really are as simple as mouse clicks.

In short anyone with a basic understanding of how to use a computer can be creating dynamic web pages within minutes of first using easyGen. Unlike other web creation utilities such as DreamWeaver there is no steep learning curve as our examples

show, easyGen does all the programming stuff, all you have to do it tell it what you want it to do.

The Professional. The main thing a Professional. programmer will notice about easyGen is the speed at which it works. Projects that would have taken you hours, days or weeks to code are done in a fraction of the time and best of all, error free. No more parse errors or Syntax problems, easyGen doesn't make typo's or forget what fields are in your database or if it's PHP or ASP. You can add a front end to an existing database in seconds or create a whole new database with data entry pages, intelligent reports and math functions in minutes Then if you so wish you can manually change the script from the exported pages.

Never before has it been easier, quicker and even pleasurable to create PHP and ASP sites. What's more if you do a project for a ASP platform and then require to change it to PHP all you have to do is change the project settings and re-export the pages.

And on those days when your brain seems to have stopped working, no need to pick up your favourite coding bible to remind you how to add a new function or command. In fact no need to worry about using your brain for coding again, from now on you can spend your time trying out new computer games and let easyGen do your coding (unless your boss finds out) .


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