easyGen the web script teacher, learn ASP and PHP and database connections with ease

easyGen the Teacher
Because of the way easyGen works it is actually a very good tool for teaching people how to program web scripts and database applications. When you export projects you can view the pages in programs such as notepad or a editor such as DreamWeaver and see how the page performs a function.

For instance if you wanted to see how a page pulls a set of records from a database, use the easyGen report wizard then export the page and see the code.

You can also export the same page in ASP and PHP or to different databases and see the difference.

If you want to know how to do something in PHP or ASP do it in easyGen and export it then look at the code. Using easyGen is probably the quickest way to learn how to program using PHP or ASP because when the page is exported each action has a comment line with it to explain what that bit of code does. You can also see how easy it is to make variables and maths calculations.

Learning web scripts and databased web applications is made simple with easyGen, it does all the hard work so you can just look at the results and if you wish manually change things and see how that makes a difference to the action or output.

We have special license rates for students and education, please contact us with your requirements for more information.


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