easyGen is very powerful and will create ASP of PHP sites in seconds, it also builds and creates your database

easyGen Power
It would probably be quicker to say what you couldn't use easyGen for but as we can't think of anything we'll have to be content with giving you some ideas.

As stated by PC PLUS magazine easyGen is extremely powerful and easy to use, so it could be used for anything from adding a simple contact us form to your existing web site to building a fully blown data management site. Because you can import HTML pages it's very simple to add dynamic actions to your existing web site. For instance if you wanted to add a search or allow people to join a mailing list or add a

shop, members site, forum, restricted pages or just make your whole web site fully dynamic like our Symbiant site so you can quickly and easily add new pages or amend current content. With easyGen the list of possibilities and scenarios really are endless.

easyGen doesn't just make dynamic web sites for the internet, if you turn your PC in to a web server by installing a program like Apache or IIS, you can make your own local database application. Maybe for stock control, customer management or Accounts and if you are on a network share it with other uses or put it online so it can be accessed over the internet, by using logins you can restrict who sees what, with easyGen you can easily give users different levels of control from Admin to just a view only.

Maybe you would like to add a online customer management system, your customers can register on your site and then log questions which you can answer, again online, so when they log in they will see your feedback, you could even send them and yourself an email when someone adds a question or update to notify them or you to log in.

Or maybe you would like to add a full e-commerce solution with not just the ability to place an order but to get an online printable receipt (like we have, our online system was built with easyGen) and maybe order tracking information or even the ability to pay their invoice online.

Lets say you wanted to start your own club as an example a UFO spotters site so people could log sightings, other members would be able to search for locations, types anything. You would also very easily be able to mail your members to tell them of important group information or events.

Once you start to use easyGen you will find ideas you may never of had will start to come to you, once you see the possibilities that had before either evaded you because you didn't have the skills or didn't want to pay the thousands of pounds, euro's or dollars that programmers charge.

Or maybe you just want to add reports or new function to an existing online database system, easyGen not only builds new database system it can be used just as easily to expand the one you have now.

easyGen is already being used by private individuals, small businesses, non programmers, programmers, Schools, Universities and colleges, local councils, government and large corporate's, it is that versatile, large or small, big or little ideas, novice or professional, easyGen opens doors that have until now been closed.

Possible Applications For A Dynamic Web site.

  • Online Accounts System
  • Warehousing / product information / live data
  • Bespoke Management Tool / Data Management System
  • Members Site
  • Online shopping system
  • Subscription page for information or to be added to a mailing list
  • Business web site / restricted information
  • Live current information, (e.g. news service)
  • Search Engine
  • Advertisements , Classifieds
  • Dating Agency
  • Trade / Retail web site
easyGen is also capable of performing many useful functions, including:
  • Building an on-line database
  • Connecting and querying (search) an on-line database
  • Adding and editing data in an on-line database
  • Building reports from data in an on-line database
  • Numerous methods of displaying and formatting retrieved data
  • Validating users input
  • Maintaining state across web pages
  • Summarizing data (including simple mathematical equations)
And much more, if you can think of it easyGen will probably be able to do it.



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