Making A Members Site and Restricted Pages

Level: Novice

Time: less than 5 Minutes 

This is a step by step guide giving you a "how to create" a members site and restricted access to web pages. You can use this guide to create a members site, where users need to register and login before they can view pages or restrict access to other pages such as your admin section. 

To create a full members site there are 4 easy steps.

1. Create a blank members entrance page (this will be formatted later) (Approx 10 seconds)

2. Use the New Page Registration wizard (Approx 1 minute)

3. Use the New Page Login Wizard (Approx 1 minute)

4. Add security to the members entrance page you created first. (Approx 1 minute) 

You will find the wizards make most choices for you and if you are starting a members system from scratch you will find it best to leave most items as default. You only need to make changes if you are building on top of an existing registration system, not created by easyGen.

These wizards not only build the pages, they also create the required tables and fields in the database. 

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