easyGen 2 Reviews. Raved about in the press, easyGen is said to be the new standard in website creation software .

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PC PLUS editors choice gold award, given to easyGen ASP and PHP dynamic web script creator


Winner of PC Plus magazines Gold Editors Choice Award.

"easyGen's wizards and menus make dynamic web creation child's play"

Overall Rating "An excellent product worthy of your money"

..."easyGen empowers you"..."it's both powerful and remarkably easy to pick up".."This dynamic script creator enables anyone with a basic understanding of web design to build dynamic, database-driven sites in ASP or PHP with a system of menus and wizards".."This mix of functionality and power is spread evenly throughout the software".."you'll find that it's not only possible, but pleasurable using easyGen"..."This truly is an incredibly powerful piece of software"..

PC Plus magazine www.pcplus.co.uk

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99% score from dot net magazine for easyGen 2

99% score from .net magazine

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"Symbiant reckons that you can use easyGen to build sites with little or no programming knowledge; they suggest that all you need is a very basic understanding of web design. As it turns out, they’re right: the program is ridiculously easy to use and judicious use of wizards makes it possible to build sites without ever seeing a line of code"

Recommended by Personal Computer World Magazine.

"Take the hassle out of creating a database-driven website".. "Whether you build websites for a living or want to create a
new site with extended functionality, Symbiant's easygen is sure to be of interest. ".. Unlike products such as Microsoft Frontpage, easygen will generate all the code for you, leaving you to concentrate on the design and function of your pages".." With a single copy of Easygen there are no licensing restrictions on size or on the number of sites you create.
If you want to design a feature-rich site without having to get bogged down with the likes of SQL and PHP, Easygen 2.2 is well worth the money."

Computer Shopper Top Marks Award for easyGen 2

Computer Shopper as good as you will get .

"If the prospect of learning PHP or ASP fills you with dread, yet you want to build a website that does more than just share your holiday photos, Symbiant's easyGen 2 could be just the software you're looking for."... "Using only wizards and menus, you can create anything from simple login pages to full-blown e-commerce sites and the databases that drive them, with no programming knowledge and without ever looking at a piece of code. But that's not to say easyGen isn't for professionals."... "There's a wealth of documentation and help with topics such as database concepts introduced from beginner level. The step-by-step tutorials get you started immediately and will see you through to building complex sites in a surprisingly short time."... "If you're just looking to move your website beyond static pages or you want to build and manage a sophisticated corporate web presence then easyGen can help you do it without you having to learn programming or hire a developer.

It could pay for itself in hours."

Computer Shopper Magazine

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Winner of SP Weekly editors choice award

Winner of SPWeekly Editors Choice Award for Best Solution.

"Creating dynamic pages for your website has never been easier. easyGen enables you to create a fully fledged dynamic website on the fly. No programming skills are necessary to use this robust software. Advanced programmers will find it as a useful tool to save time and effort without compromising functionality....easyGen offers you two principal advantages: It builds the web pages and then creates the database as well....easyGen is fully loaded. Featuring a comprehensive toolbox, there is no way you will need third-party software to do commonplace dynamic web applications...If you are going to reap the benefits of today’s Internet, you will have to go dynamic and there has never been any easier way to do that than easyGen....easyGen is the proverbial potter’s clay – the possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination.

Service Provider Weekly www.spweekly.com

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Winner of Broadband World magazines Gold Award.

"Build dynamic database driven websites, no programming or database knowledge required".."it not only automatically creates the web pages and exports in a choice of ASP or PHP but builds the database of your choice too".."it works well and definitely great value for money, what else can be said except buy it because we loved it and we think you will too"

Rating "Full Marks 5 out of 5"

BroadBand World Magazine

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"What an amazing piece of software easyGen is. We used to outsource our software requirements to software houses, who in turn charged us thousands of dollars. We now do everything ourselves in house with easyGen, not only has this saved us tens of thousands of dollars, it has improved our customer service by allowing us to build a management system that suits our exact needs and can be easily changed as requirements change. We have now rebuilt our online order system and built a full data management system around it so orders can be handled more efficiently and all our customer dealings can be logged together, with shipping details, returns and any other relevant details". Steve Gools, Nature's Way Customer Service Manager

Total Business review on easyGen software and Symbiant

"Symbiant have tried to think of everything when creating easyGen, every possible scenario of what businesses would need and using their extensive knowledge of data aware web applications have created an unrivalled solution...The creation of easyGen has set a new standard in web design software"
Total Business Magazine April 2003

"Got to be one of the best software applications for anyone looking to or having developed a must have php or asp database driven website. I run a financial trader training website and over the past 2 years we have spent on average £20,000 on outsourced web-development. If only easyGen was available back then, we could have saved ourselves a fortune and not have to contend with issues of knowing what we want, but having to communicate that to someone to build for us. Akin to 'Chinese whispers' - we know how we want it but the developers thought different. Now we are armed with easyGen, we can build what we want, when we want it, at minimal cost and to the specification we require. If I wore a hat, it would be off to you guys." Stu Whisson, Managing Director, Insight Support Ltd.

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"easyGen 2 provides a new operational dimension for small, medium enterprises (SME's). It provides a real choices for operational design, deployment and control; significant efficiency savings and the ability to quickly tailor products and services for our customers.

I would also like to recognise the support team for Easygen 2 who have been fantastic. They are extremely knowledgeable, efficient and professional in dealing with queries.

Overall the software and support for Easygen 2 is second to none. In my personal opinion it is a market leader in both aspects."
Rodney Eshelby, Managing Director, ETV Betting Ltd.


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